About us

Quality, Safety with Measurable Results

Bucket List VR is a virtual reality experience company that provides everything you need to do those things virtually that you've always wanted to. VR distraction and exposure therapy is great for anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer, pain, sleep and many others.

We are introducing Virtual Reality (VR) to non technical people who want to enjoy, learn and live again. By providing this advanced technology we produce interactive experiences that are unique and memorable. We can partner with you in research and development for customized programs, deliver VR experiences and create immersive VR content; which include, bucket list adventures, VR tours, unique custom VR content and simulations for training.

We are researching programs where VR can help seniors, mental health clients, students, children and hospice patients.

Applications for 360° VR content is expanding daily, but to explore the possibilities of a truly immersive experience you need guidance from Bucket List VR, LLC.

Our VR Experience will demonstrate visual content using lightweight wireless equipment in the comfort of your own home. Our team has put together a program that will help you through a tailored VR session that will allow you to understand it first-hand. For more information and pricing please contact us.

We have hours of immersive VR content and have created some entertaining playlists to encourage users to experience life and learn again.

Safety Statement

All sessions are planned out and prepared based on a strict set of guidelines for the individual experience.

We believe that:

  • Headsets should be sanitary and provide disposable eye pieces.
  • Fun and entertainment are key.
  • Nothing is more important than the safety.

Our Staff

Bill Rodriguez


Ligia B. Muszynski


Happy D. Clown